What Can You Do With COVID-19 Antibody Test Results?

What Can You Do With COVID-19 Antibody Test Results?

COVID-19 Antibody tests have changed how organizations and nations all around the world approach the fight against the novel coronavirus. This testing technique came about as a solution to the shortage in the supply of reagents for the molecular test.  It was considered the next best strategy because it focuses on the response of the human body to the virus.

The best thing about COVID-19 antibody tests is that they have a low turnaround of at most 30 minutes.  Rapid COVID-19 test kits used in the testing process are easy to use and readily available in the market. Diagnostic tests for antibodies help a lot in improving the pace at which public health officials do mass testing.

In the US, only a few of the tests have been given an independent emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. Apart from making good use of testing resources, antibody tests can be used to determine individuals who might have been infected by the COVID-19 virus and recovered.

COVID-19 antibody test results are useful to a scientist in different ways, one of them is to learn and understand the importance of antibodies in the immune response against the COVID-19 virus. In a typical study, scientists will be looking for information about:

  • The lifespan of COVID-19 antibodies
  • The importance of timing for accurate results
  • Future protection from reinfection
  • The quantity of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies produced by the immune system
  • The types of coronavirus antibody sub-types – IgM or IgG
  • Antibodies decay rate

Using the COVID-19 antibody test results, independent organizations and government regulatory bodies can verify the accuracy of the test kits from a particular distributor or developer. The performance of a test kit is determined by the specificity and sensitivity rate of the device. Therefore, the need for a verification study is to reduce the chances of having to deal with false-positive and false-negative results.

In the early stage of infection, medics and lab technicians in healthcare centers and government laboratories can at best determine between individuals that have had a previous history of infection, also known as asymptomatic patients. As for presymptomatic individuals, you may need a combination of both the antibody test and molecular test to confirm an ongoing infection.

COVID-19 antibody test results can be used in decision making by organizations and countries doing mass testing. Here, individuals that may have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies provide data for the prevalence of the infection and current state of “herd immunity” in the targeted population. Persons that may have tested negative for COVID-19 antibodies can be advised to observe the measures laid out to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Organizations and government agencies responsible for conducting mass testing get to use the COVID-19 antibody test results to estimate the “percent positive rate” or “positivity rate” of the population in question. This rate helps public health officials estimate the current level of SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) transmission in the community and whether enough testing is being done.

Policymakers rely on the positivity rate to guide decisions on reopening businesses and schools. According to the World Health Organization, the threshold for the percent positive rate to be considered “too high” is 5%. Governments are advised to relax social restrictions and allow large gatherings or meetings of people when the positivity rate is below the 5% threshold and remains the same or lowers for at least 14 days.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreaks continue to flare up across the world with some countries recording percent positive rates that are more than 15%. It appears that some countries might take long before schools and businesses reopen. Everyone is ready to go back to work and travel just like before, but this can only happen as soon as the spread of the novel coronavirus is under control.

Individually, you can use the COVID-19 antibody test results to guide you on whether to seek medical treatment or self-isolate. There are no home-use rapid COVID-19 antibody test kits, all diagnostic tests for COVID-19 antibodies are designed for use by health care professionals and laboratories. In case you are interested in taking an antibody test, you can consult your doctor or your local health department.

COVID-19 antibody tests are usually recommended when molecular tests are not possible. This testing technique comes in handy when diagnosing individual identified through contact tracing; these are patients that have not shown any of the SARS-CoV-2 symptoms since the time they made contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19.

Generally, COVID-19 antibody test results are useful in decision making and providing data in studies that are meant to create an understanding of the nature and spread of the novel coronavirus. If you are looking for reliable coronavirus antibody test kits, contact Rapid Connect Medical.  Feel at ease to contact the company’s rapid-ship response team for Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) IgM/IgG rapid test kit orders.

A range of affordable mass screening point-of-care tests are available on order from different authorized distributors such as Rapid Connect Medical. This company allows companies and investors to make bulk test kit orders through its rapid-ship response team. If you would like to get more information on the testing capability of their covid-19 antibody test kits, feel free to contact Rapid Connect Medical and place your order today.

The sampling done with the rapid COVID-19 antibody test kit cassette using lateral flow from Rapid Connect Medical will give you the IgG and IgM detectable diagnostics results from between two and ten minutes. It can be used for reference in combination with the results from an RT-PCR (reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction) test. A single finger prick to draw blood can be used with our kit that detects antibodies.  This positive or negative result can be detected as soon as 3 days after exposure to COVID-19 (sometimes before the onset of symptoms occur).  Knowing if you have active igM antibodies even in the first week of infection can help get the best treatment for an infected person.

If you do test positive, potentially exposed, or have traveled to a region with high infection rates, you should seek care from your doctor for treatment and continue to test for IgG antibodies daily until you are cleared to leave quarantine. The sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy or our antibody test kit is very high.  This testing method for the public gives real time results and helps to identify initial infection before the severe flu like symptoms begin.  This kit is intended to be administered by a health care professionals and providers at a clinic or other health care facilities.  Many of the faulty test kits were removed from the FDA EUA website; all of our test kits are authorized by the FDA and their data appears and is included on that website.  Consumers can trust the validity and quality of the antibody test kits sold by Rapid Connect Medical.

The kits used for diagnostic tests for COVID-19 antibodies are usually designed for research use or qualitative detection of coronavirus, and not home use. Also, they can only be used to test the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Since they are aiding tools to RT-PCR or CT scanning, a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 should be done by a healthcare professional or physician.

An antibody detection test cassette contains antigens from SARS-CoV-2 combined with gold nanoparticles. The device has two wells (one for specimen and one buffer) and a control region on the upper end.  Two types of antibodies are of great importance in diagnostic tests for COVID-19 antibodies: Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and Immunoglobulin G (IgG). 

The importance of the gold nanoparticles in the detection test cassette is to create a colored line in the control region.  Antigens targeting a specific antibody are located in their respective regions on the nitrocellulose membrane of the test cassette. The IgG and IgM regions are coated with anti-human antibodies for each. 

The rapid COVID-19 antibody test kits you will find on the market are designed to detect SARS-CoV-2-specific antibodies. The ones distributed by Rapid Connect Medical are FDA research approved and evaluated and validated by a comprehensive clinical study.  This antigen test kit was developed in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic and offers a power tool for health care providers.  The immune response produced by a Coronavirus viral infection is what this test measures.  The CDC testing standards for laboratories were strictly followed during the clinical trials for our antibody test kit.

This is a serology elisa based test for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in serum or plasma components of blood. Information on the collection data, total sample size, and validation of lab samples can be found here for review.  Interpretations of test results should be confirmed with a lab and a a medical professional should diagnose your infection status not only on the sole basis of your rapid test kit results.  This rapidtest should be performed by a licensed medical professional and your infection status determination may require additional tests.  With the presence for IgG antibodies people can have immunity for some time.  While viruses such as influenza have been a problem in the past, Covid-19 is a serious problem we aim to help eliminate.

Rapid Connect Medical distributes large orders of Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) IgM/IgG rapid test kits to global professional sports league and arenas. Rapid Connect Medical is the leading provider of Covid-19 Antibody test kits in small quantities25 test kit packs, as well as bulk orders for large countries, companies, and organizations.  If your institute or corporation is in the need of antibody test kits, feel free to email our sales team.  The company covers the USA, Canada, South America, and European territories. Therefore, if you are from these areas, Rapid Connect Medical will be able to assist you with availability, pricing, and ordering. Our test kit is considered to be the best product on the market for rapid Covid-19 antibody testing.

Our test kits are FDA EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) Authorized, have the CE Declaration for authorized European Union distribution, and have an authorization for use by the HHS for Pharmacies and Pharmacists.  Federal guidance has been issues for Rapid Connect Medical’s COVID-19 Antibody test kit that is 98.20% accurate with results in 2 to 10 minutes.  Don’t take a risk using inferior test kits, our Antibody Test kits are tested in a biotechnology laboratory!  The development of the technology for this screening standard with confirmed scientific accuracy is unique to Rapid Connect Medical‘s Antibody Test Kit.

If you are interested in ordering a large quantity for commercial, biomedical, biological, science, or pharmaceutical applications and have questions, feel free to book a call with our sales team.  In response to the global demand, our manufacturers have the capacity to support your required production needs.  Covid-19 testing is also covered by many insurance plans.  For our update on insurance coverage from our website, that can be accessed here.  Our newest test kit also has data from specimens collected by the Mayo clinic.

Important Features:

Certification and Authorization – COVID-19 antibody test kits from Rapid Connect Medical are safe for use under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). They also are authorized by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for Pharmacy or Pharmacist use. The antibody test kits come with a CE Declaration, meaning that they are clear for use in countries that fall under the European Union. 

Storage and Quality – the Coronavirus antibody testing kits from Rapid Connect Medical have a shelf life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. 

Ease of Use – the COVID-19 antibody test kits from Rapid Connect Medical are easy to use and you can get your results in two to ten minutes. The antibody test kits are designed for medical professional use and not as an over-the-counter product for home use. 

Technology – the rapid serologic COVID-19 antibody test kits from Rapid Connect Medical use lateral flow technology. 

We offer fast shipping methods for our antibody test kits at an affordable rate. You can order test kits online at https://rapidconnectmedical.com/

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter for updates, news, and new product announcements.  We will also be having press events in the near future so keep an eye out for more news about Rapid Connect Medical!

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