Ways to Optimize Standard COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment

Ways to Optimize Standard COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread, the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment greatly affects control and preventive measures across the globe. Healthcare personnel (HCP) need PPE to protect themselves from infections as they attend to suspected or confirmed Coronavirus patients.

The greater demand for Personal Protective Equipment has become a challenge to many healthcare systems. Many organizations have resorted to finding alternative ways to provide care using the limited PPE supply. Government Health Agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have issued strategies for optimizing the supplies of PPE.

The surge capacity, a framework of approach, describes three general levels you can use to conserve protective medical devices during a COVID-19 response period where there is a decreased supply of PPE. These three capacity levels are:

  • Conventional measures- implemented in general infection prevention and control plans
  • Contingency measures – used temporarily during periods of expected PPE shortages
  • Crisis measures – used during periods of known PPE shortages

Some of the measures in the Crisis capacity strategy may not correspond with the US standard of care and many organizations or governments. Some of the measures may change the daily standards practices in a bid to optimize the COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment.

Medical masks

The Contingency strategy when it comes to optimizing surgical or face masks is using them multiple times with different patients without touching or taking them off.  You can also restrict the use of medical masks to healthcare personnel and let patients with symptoms of respiratory infection cover their mouths or nose with tissues or other best barriers.

As a crisis strategy, you can use medical masks beyond their shelf life and Implement limited re-use in a situation where the healthcare providers have to remove them after each encounter.  When the right PPE is not available HCP can use face shields, ventilated headboards, or homemade masks.

The two strategies work best when the COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment is not soiled, damaged, or provides difficulty in breathing. It is important to note that not all medical masks can be re-used. You should take extra caution when it comes to the use of devices that have unknown protection capabilities.

Isolation Gowns

Optimizing Isolation Gowns supplies using a contingency strategy requires that you shift to cloth, reusable or washable gowns.  These are gowns that are made of fabrics that can be safely laundered. Besides gowns, you can also use coveralls that conform to international standards. On the other hand, expired gowns can be used for COVID-19 training.

As a crisis strategy, you can choose to extend or reuse isolation gowns (disposable or cloth) when interacting with more than one COVID-19 patients.  You can also choose to Prioritize gowns based on low and high contact patient care activities. Where there are no isolation gowns available you can opt for effective gown alternatives such as disposable and reusable lab coats, patient gowns, lab coats, and aprons. These measures for optimizing the supply of isolation gowns do not apply in PPE that are visibly soiled.  


The Contingency strategy for optimizing the supply of respirators is using them beyond their shelf life for fit testing and training.  You can also choose to reuse or extend the use of respirators when making repeated close contact encounters with COVID-19 patients. In certain situations, you can limit the number of times the respirators can be reused.

For a crisis strategy, you can optimize the use of respirators by using them beyond their shelf life for patient care activities. If you are not sure about the quality of the fit and seal when using expired respirators, then you can opt for PPE with standards from other countries.

Eye Protection

If you are looking for a contingency strategy for optimizing the supply of eye protection PPE, you can shift to the use of disposable to reusable medical devices such as goggles and face shields.  You can also still choose to implement extended use of disposable eye protection. If these alternative eye protection devices are to be used between users, then appropriate cleaning and disinfection should be done.

In a crisis strategy, there you can opt to use the eye protection devices beyond their manufacturer-designated shelf lives. Also, disposable eye protection PPE can be prioritized for selected activities. In extreme situations, safety or trauma glasses with extensions that cover the side of the eyes can be used.

These are some of the ways to optimize standard optimize COVID-19 personal protective equipment. You can choose to explore all options or some that work best with your protection and control strategy. At the moment you can source your gloves and Invisi Smart Masks in large quantities from Rapid Connect Medical.

With the severe shortage of PPE for frontline responders, you should purchase large quantities of such medical devices from trusted and reputable distributors such as Rapid Connect Medical. The company can supply millions to billions of affordable FDA EUA personal protective equipment such as gloves and N95 and Invisi Smart masks (non chemical – 5 and 30 days models) as well as respirator needs.

The FDA’s assessment of all medical devices was ramped up in March when Covid-19 exploded. Legislation for the EUA helped reduce the barrier of entry for applicable critical PPE and equipment. The agency wanted to help impact the spread of the virus and meet the demands of the public. The FDA’s website link explains this in detail and has common questions and answers about the EUA.

Rapid Connect Medical is now Cranberry & Cardinal Global Direct. We can supply Cranberry Evolve as well as Cardinal Health nitrile gloves in the billions of boxes. We have OTG (On The Ground) as well as production options. There are also private pools around the world that we have access to. We have a standard SOP that we can share with you. The initial step is to get an NCNDA in place with us so you can share the LOI, LOA, and PO with us for vetting. There are many individuals who claim to have access to stock; we are a real seller group that actually delivers. If you are looking for gowns, sanitizer to maximize hygiene, or N95 masks we have access to large lots of these items as well that can fit in your budget.

Rapid Connect Medical supplies all types of PPE including eye protection that will protect against a patient’s fluids eye splash. Not only is a mask important but also protecting your eyes with goggles or a shield is crucial to prevent virus transmission. Keep yourself and employees properly protected from the hazards of being in close contact with patients. The proper training and wearing equipment and PPE products while following CDC and osha guidance will keep workers as well as the public and local community safe during this coronavirus outbreak. These items are designed to keep the body of the worker safe and protect exposed areas.

It is essential to not only wash your hands but also recommended that new gloves should be worn for each patient examined. Cuts or punctures in the PPE raises the risk for user contamination during this pandemic. Insufficient protection also poses a substantial risk to caregivers who are treating patients with illnesses such as COVID-19. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers need adequate ongoing supplies of PPE.

Donning this apparatus is not only limited to keeping U.S. workers safe from exposure, but also can keep the European region as well as global healthcare workers and professionals, ems, hospital staff, and doctors safe who wear PPE correctly. Including the right equipment and carefully training staff on how to wear PPE will keep your facility and workplace safe. If you want to remove viruses in the air and help with filtering at your facilities, our sourcing includes solutions for these requests as well. Our current selection of products include sanitizer and facemask options to keep people safe. In this current time, we have seen an increase in demand as well as shortages of supplies, but we have the inventory and capacity directly from manufacturers; providing you an effective means to acquiring PPE. We have a vast product offering when it comes to PPE.

We have a standard operating procedure that follows conformity with PPE manufacturers distribution and order fulfillment. If you have a specific need based on local or county regulation, we have an acceptable solution that suits you. Our sales personnel have the advice and resources necessary to answer your questions. With our efforts we strive to meet the demands of our clients. We can ensure the requirements and recommendations of your organization, department, or regional government can be met. Rapid Connect Medical is the premier provider of PPE in the market. We follow manufacturers’ standard operating procedures. Feel free to email us to coordinate and submit your paperwork. We have direct relationships with manufacturing companies such as 3M and Cranberry.

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