Urijah Faber, UFC Hall of Famer, Former MMA World Champ, World Class Training Facility, Gym, and Fight Team Owner Endorses Revolutionary InvisiSMART Shield Spray/Mask to Fight COVID-19!

University of Cambridge Professor Ravindra Gupta’s laboratory publishes independent clinical test results confirming InvisiSMART technology destroys SARS-CoV-2 virus and 99.99% of all pathogens.

Alec Baldwin and Daniel Baldwin back InvisiSMART as the chosen solution to combat Covid19!

Urijah Faber UFC Hall of Famer, former MMA world champion, UFC world class training facility owner, and owner of the world-renowned Team Alpha MMA athletes, has joined forces with Rapid Connect Medical LLC (RCM) and secured an exclusive partnership with InvisiSMART focusing on the most effective virus, bacteria, and mold destroying spray in the world.  In a time of uncertainty and inconsistency in the world’s health, psyche, and economy, cutting edge science is coming to the rescue!  Urijah Faber is the first to utilize the newest innovation to combat COVID-19 in his first class 40,000 sq ft facility!  Faber said, “This product is a spray-on coating that makes facilities virtually bulletproof to superbugs. It is the ability to return to a new normal and get back to life and to reality.” When people walk in and see the InvisiSMART Safety Seal they know they are safe. Janoah King, co-founder of RCM LLC, one of the leading distributors of COVID-19 test kits during the onset of the pandemic, has now paved the way with exclusive rights to the only USA made, FDA Emergency Use Authorized antibody kit in the world.

Professor Ravindra Gupta, named one of TIME Magazine’s Most 100 Influential People of 2020, recently published the results of his independent lab study verifying the InvisiSMART technology effectiveness against the novel Coronavirus which is groundbreaking.  Professor Gupta’s revolutionary work includes the development of a feasible cure for HIV which led the University of Cambridge to name him Professor of Clinical Microbiology at its Institution of Therapeutic Immunology and Infectious Disease. InvisiSMART’s coating is the newest product brought to the world by serial entrepreneur Saba Yussouf and her team of world-renowned scientists.  With access to this breakthrough coating spray technology (which lasts for a year after an easy and timely application) and the wide array of next level products, protection from the pandemic is reaching a new level.  “I feel fortunate to have found out about InvisiSMART, there is no doubt that it is going to save lives and help the world get back to their lives, whether work, school and play!”  Further, the University of Cambridge is collaborating with InvisiSMART to create a virucidal, customized FFP3 face mask of the future for the UK government hospitals and eventually the rest of the world in their 3D MFM PROJECT.

Urijah, RCM, and InvisiSMART are taking this to the people of AMERICA to focus on all MAJOR LEAGUE PRO SPORTS, Team Franchises, and Live Entertainment venues to return to LIVING! This exclusive agreement encompasses all, with emphasis on UFC/MMA, WWE/wrestling, pro boxing, and fitness gyms as top priority with special access at the executive and principal level.  All will have the InvisiSMART SAFETY SEAL on the door. 

Founder Saba Yussouf, CEO, InvisiSMART Technologies, “As a businesswoman in STEM, I am committed to shielding the health of my consumers and keeping families safe during the pandemic”. Many people who have COVID-19 don’t show symptoms but can still spread the deadly virus through air contamination and droplets that escape from the mouth when speaking, sneezing and coughing. Scientists have proven that masking seriously lowers COVID-19 cases. As we try to get back to some semblance of normal life, with re-opening restaurants, gyms, businesses, offices, back-to-school season, and everyday life, public knowledge of proper mask wearing and use technique is now more important than ever. During a pandemic it is important to STAY SAFE, LIVE LIFE, and LOVE LIVING IT!  InvisiSmart is an engineered next-generation solution that destroys 99.99% of the SARS CoV-2 virus.  It provides long lasting invisible protection to everyone – from your loved ones to workers everywhere including the healthcare professionals trying to protect us all, individuals and businesses alike.

Janoah King said, “InvisiSMART products have been through a robust verification process, and this has been recently published in the prestigious Cambridge University Medical Journal. This affects InvisiSMART products such as Masks, 24 Hour Sanitizer, Household Sprays, and Wipes, also Travel Sleeve and GIft Packages; all are supported by robust research and development.  We are incredibly excited to be a step ahead and take extraordinary measures to fight back against the novel evil of our time, COVID-19”.

Urijah says, “I get approached daily by different companies for sprays and products and nothing compared to the proven products that InvisiSMART brings to the table, and I am very passionate about using this for my family and spreading this throughout the sports world, and to the masses. The Invisismart Shield is allowing Urijah to not only keep his passion for his work and his sport alive, but offers one of the safest facilities to be in and train in.  This product is going to be a phenomenal product for not only people in my industry but hospitals, schools, offices, arenas, and stadiums around the world.”

Also onboard is Famed Producer, Actor, Writer, Comedian Alec Baldwin who may be the funniest character on popular SNL, but when it comes to his 6 kids, his brothers and his family, he is very serious. Alec and his brother Daniel Baldwin have done their homework, and they have jointly decided to help bring the lifesaving INVISISMART Mask & Shield to the world!

InvisiSMART is for moms, front line workers, teachers, athletes, employees, and all people. We all want to get back to some form of normalcy in our daily lives; InvisiSmart allows us to do that with safety and comfort. InvisiSMART has a reusable, washable, self-cleaning Mask with a Spray Shield coating.  It is light- weight, extremely breathable, adjustable, and comfortable. It combines InvisSMART’s revolutionary coating technology with FDA approved face mask technical specifications and comes in a specially sealed package for safety.  The ISM 5 Day and the ISM 30 Day are the two Mask products offered, and they are truly in a class of their own with their superior features.

“COVID-19 respects no geographic, demographic or ideological boundaries, and unfortunately it shows no signs of going away any time soon,” said AMA President Susan R. Bailey, M.D. “But there are simple steps we can all take to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. For starters, we urge everyone to #MaskUp!”

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