We have become the exclusive RayBiotech COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit partner.

This is a US based manufacturer for COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits.

RayBiotech is a biotech company that has been in business nearly 20 years.

RayBiotech has been doing very sophisticated serum testing (similar to the antibody tests) for all kinds of blood markers including cancer making their tests very reliable.

RayBiotech has over 200 employees and operates in 41 countries.

Test results in 3-8 minutes

RayBiotech’s COVID-19 Antibody Test Kit has excellent sensitivity, specificity, accuracy.

98.44% accurate.

The National Football League has endorsed this COVID-19 Antibody Test after they did significant research and due diligence by their high-class lawyers and researchers

A simple finger prick test.

The National Football League is using this test in their organization.

COVID-19 Antibody Test made in the USA.

Our test can detect the virus from 4 days after the day of infection (potentially before symptoms begin).

RayBiotech has submitted research
with one of the largest sample sizes to the FDA.

This test is authorized to be sold by the FDA.

These tests can be sold worldwide.