We have become the exclusive
RayBiotech COVID-19 Antibody
Test Kit partner

This is a US based manufacturer for COVID-19
Antibody Test Kits

Why RayBiotech ?

The National Football League has endorsed this COVID-19 Antibody Test after they did significant research and due diligence by their high-class lawyers and researchers---HUGE CREDIBILITY

quarterback professional NFL
Covid19 Doctor

The National Football League is using this test in their organization

A simple finger prick test.

Our test can detect the virus from 4 days after the day of infection (potentially before symptoms begin).

Test results in 3-8 minutes

These tests can be sold worldwide.

COVID-19 Antibody Test made in the USA!!!

98.44% accurate

RayBiotech has submitted research with one of the largest sample sizes to the FDA.

This test is authorized to be sold by the FDA.

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