Learn About Rapid Covid-19 PCR Tests

Rapid COVID-19 PCR Testing

As Covid-19 continues to spread and cause panic around the world, health practitioners have been given a huge responsibility. Many people are trusting professional healthcare practitioners to find a cure to this dangerous virus. Covid-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and it has claimed the lives of many innocent people globally.

Testing has become a vital way of finding infected people, because of this many testing products can be found in the market, all promising to detect the virus. There are three main types of testing namely, antibody or serological testing, antigen testing and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing.

PCR Testing

In the U.S, PCR testing is one of the most common ways of testing for Covid-19. The aim of this test is to detect the genetic material of the virus which can be found in a fluid sample from the body. This sample is usually attained from the nose or throat by using a cotton swab. When you test positive during a PCR test, it means a gene fragment of the virus might have been detected.

PCR tests seems to be the standard when it comes to Covid-19 testing in the U.S, but since the virus is still being researched, all test results are not perfect. Research has shown that about 30% of Covid-19 PCR tests are inaccurate. Every Covid-19 test has its complications and PCR tests are included.

With all the testing going on in the world, researchers have discovered that there are still significant amounts of false-negative results. False-negative results basically, means that a person tests negative for Covid-19 whiles there is a high chance the person is infected or showing symptoms of the virus. When you start seeing symptoms of Covid-19 and you test negative, you still have to self-isolate to protect the people around you.

The timing of when the test sample is taken can also affect the results of PCR testing. When a PCR test is taken too soon after a person is infected, it may produce false-negative results. A false-positive result might also be recorded. When a person recovers from Covid-19, there’s a chance that there’s a lot of genetic material still present in the body from the virus. When testing is done and genetic material is detected, it records a false-positive result.

It is advisable to isolate yourself for about a week if you start noticing symptoms of Covid-19. This makes it easier to record accurate results because, within that time when you are infected with Covid-19, genetic material will be present.

Is it compulsory to get tested?

Covid-19 is not a virus to joke with, but this does not mean you have to panic when you hear its name mentioned. Because of this virus, every country is trying to their best to make sure they control the effects of the virus. This is a good thing especially if the citizens are obeying what the government says and they stay safe adhering to all the protocols put in place.

Every country wants to resume to their normal activities, and testing is one of the ways to do that. Testing is a way of finding infected people who are infecting people without knowing. This is why you can hear many countries talking about contact tracing. These are people trained to go around testing people who came into contact with infected patients.

You might be wondering, why should I go for a Covid-19 test when there is nothing wrong with me? Well, no one is forcing you to take a Covid-19 test, but it is advisable to get one. Some people are asymptomatic to the virus, meaning they don’t show any symptoms when they are infected with the virus. You might be asymptomatic; infected with the virus without knowing until it’s too late.

Opting to take a Covid-19 test is a simple way of knowing whether you are safe or not. This helps to detect faster whether you have been infected or not. When you have been infected, you are quickly isolated and taken care of so you recover quickly.

Lab-Validated COVID-19 Detection Results in 8 Easy Steps

1.     Use a swab to sample the interior of the nasal cavity​

2.     Apply swabbed nasal samples into buffer solution

3.     Apply buffered sample into cuvette​

4.     Apply COVID-19 test assay to samples for reaction​

5.     Heat reaction for 30 minutes with Thermal Heater​

6.     Insert heated sample cuvette into Automated Analysis Station​

7.     Scan QR code on Automated Analysis Station for infection results​

8.     Instantly email or text results, images, notes, GPS information

The annealing temperature (typically between 48-72°C) is related to the melting temperature (Tm) of the primers and must be determined for each primer pair used in PCR. During the extension step (typically 68-72°C) the polymerase extends the primer to form a nascent DNA strand. This process is repeated multiple times (typically 25-35 cycles), and because each new strand can also serve as a template for the primers, the region of interest is amplified exponentially. The final step of the PCR is generally a longer, single temperature step (often 5-10 min at 68-72°C) that allows for the completion of any partial copies and the clearance of all replication machinery from the nascent DNA. Once the PCR is complete, the thermal cycler is set to 4°-10°C to maintain product integrity until such time as the tubes can be removed from the machine.

Generally, if you are looking for an In vitro diagnostic (IVD) device that can quickly diagnose a COVID-19 related case, then you can bet on a rapid Covid-19 PCR test. These test devices are easy to use and they offer the greatest potential for screening asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic patients. Based on research, they have contributed a lot to the expansion of testing capabilities in the US. The diagnostics and detection of the live virus can show a negative or positive active viral result values with high sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy. While some people may have an inhibition about the sample extraction process, but it isn’t too uncomfortable compared to other methods for other medical tests. Large numbers of a sample can be collected from a population to help identify infected persons.

This data can be used for emergency guidance in stopping the community infectious spread of the virus. The specific probability of spread of the virus from detected cases can be better observed and help modify current restrictions. “At the moment the majority of the current Covid-19 tests that all the reports are coming from are using PCR,” says University of Sussex senior lecturer in microbiology Dr Edward Wright. “They detect the genetic information of the virus, the RNA. That’s only possible if the virus is there and someone is actively infected.” Clinical and laboratory data and studies of nasopharyngeal samples have validated molecular findings and performance of rapid PCR testing. Test performed in the first few days can help stop the spread to the general public and has a direct impact on stopping the pandemic. The collection of the sample from a nasal probe swabs are easily analyzed using our rapid PCR testing solution.

When we perform quick analysis of specimens with high accuracy the risk of spread is reduced greatly. Combining this testing solution with testing for COVID-19 antibodies as well as antigen tests gives a full suite of solutions. An Antibody tests kit can show if a patient is immune to future infection. Performing different types of tests helps in solidifying findings from primary initial tests that diagnosed and identified patients with coronavirus.

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