Are Rapid Covid-19 Antigen Tests Reliable?

rapid Covid-19 antigen test

Covid-19 has affected many countries globally, and it seems the United States is suffering the most because of the number of casualties. The US is leading the world in deaths caused by the virus, and it is also behind when it comes to testing. The US Food and Drug Administration approved the emergency use of a new testing device known as antigen tests in late August of this year when they realized there is a need to take testing seriously.

Antigen tests are small devices that are cheap to manufacture and usually process results within 15 minutes without going to a laboratory. The test is used to detect antigens (specific proteins), which are located on the surface of the virus. Antigens are usually produced when the person infected is at its peak, meaning the body’s virus levels are high enough to be detected.

Antigen assays are cheaper and faster to manufacture, unlike the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test, which is considered the golden-standard testing. PCR test detects viral RNA in the body of an infected person to declare positive results. The downside of using antigen tests is that it is not as sensitive as PCR tests, meaning antigen tests cannot pick up minimum amounts of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, usually leading to false-negative results.

The low sensitivity of antigen tests has raised concerns among researchers who believe that infected people might not be detected and might go back to spreading the virus. Others also believe that it is a good thing because of the fact that it does not detect some infected people means they cannot infect others. After all, some positive PCR test detects positive cases, but these people can no longer spread the virus. Using this as an advantage, antigen tests can be used to identify highly infectious people.

In the past, antigen tests were administered by trained health professionals. Still, improvements have been made to make it possible for people to administer it themselves in the comfort of their homes.

The role of antigen tests?

Before rapid Covid-19 antigen tests were developed, PCR tests were used every time as diagnostic tests. PCR tests have high-sensitivity, which makes the identification of infected people easier when appropriately administered. The only problem is that only trained personnel were allowed to administer these tests. Specific reagents were also needed before manufacturing can be possible, slowing down production rates and making them expensive.

Even though PCR tests produced accurate results, it usually took a few days for test results to be declared, and this had led to the spread of the virus in the country. Rapid Covid-19 antigen tests are more comfortable to administer. A sample of fluid from your saliva or nose is collected using a swab, and it is mixed with a solution that opens the virus and frees the viral proteins. The mixture is then added to a paper strip containing antibodies that bind to the proteins when they are found in the solution. When the proteins are detected, a fluorescent glow is shown.

Antigen tests produce fast results, usually with 15 minutes, and there is no need for processing to be done in any laboratory. They are also cheap to manufacture, but this makes the test’s sensitivity lower than PCR tests. When an infected person has low amounts of the virus in their body, the test might produce false-negative results, but this might also mean the person is not infectious.

When you wonder which test you should opt for when you want to whether you are infected or not, the best options for you are PCR tests and antigen tests. Antibody tests are not effective when used to detect active cases of the virus.

The best testing kit to use

Testing is just one way of combating the virus, affecting everybody today. To make testing easier, healthcare professionals need reliable and effective test kits. With all the regulations put in place, it is now easy to find a variety of test kits available on the market. 

Rapid Connect Medical is a key distributor of reliable Coronavirus Antigen Test Kits. The FDA has approved via EUA all of Rapid Connect Medical’s testing kits, making testing for the virus easier and faster. If you are looking to make a large purchase of Coronavirus antigen test kits or any other Covid-19 test kits online, Rapid Connect Medical is the best place to visit. Feel free to contact Rapid Connect Medical for your bulk test kit orders. Until then, stay safe and protect yourself always.

According to the FDA, the rapid COVID-19 antigen test is categorized as an in vitro diagnostic test, and it should only be used under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  Most of these testing kits are only available by prescription.  Under the EUA, these tests and critical medical devices can be accessed during an emergency or when there are no adequate, approved, and available testing options.

Rapid COVID-19 antigen tests are used for the qualitative detection of the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in individuals suspected of coronavirus.  During the acute phase of the infection, positive results indicate the presence of viral antigens.  Positive results obtained from rapid COVID-19 antigen kits are usually highly accurate. The tests can be very specific but not as sensitive as molecular tests.

When the COVID-19 antigen test results are negative, you will need the patient’s history, clinical observations, or epidemiological information to confirm this type of status.  Since negative results are presumptive, so a confirmation test through molecular assay is crucial.  If the patient shows symptoms of COVID-19 but the antigen test shows a negative result, then a molecular test is required.

You need to be proficient in performing COVID-19 tests in point of care settings for you to use a POC rapid antigen test.  We are talking about medical professionals, clinical laboratory personnel, and trained operators.  Individuals who think that they have coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and need to get a test to verify are advised to contact their health care providers as soon as possible.

If you are looking to make large orders of Rapid COVID-19 antigen test kits online, approved by the FDA under EUA, then you can do that right now from Rapid Connect Medical. We can supply quantities as large as 10,000,000 kits or more. Please contact our sales team for more information on how to make large and cost-effective orders from Rapid Connect Medical.

We have access to reliable test kits that can be sent to countries around the world. Our test kits are high in sensitivity and specificity. All of our products carry the FDA EUA Authorization and are backed by the research of the CDC, WHO, and university scientific studies. Our products are based on findings and guidance that helps protect the public and help the person using it know their status of infection or not. You may also opt to try our FDA EUA Authorized COVID-19 antibody test to detect protective antibodies.

By knowing the probability of spreading the virus and knowing infectious diagnostics can help end the global spread of Covid-19. By helping identify infected individuals, the proper response can be initiated and performed by medical professionals. These antigen tests are easy to administer with a nasal or throat saliva sample from the persons being tested. False positive report rates are confirmed low.

his test also is easy to collect samples and doesn’t require testing tools or complex certified lab facilities to diagnose the outcomes. You can help keep outbreaks in your organizations, school or country to a minimum. We offer fast shipping methods for our antibody test kits at an affordable rate. You can order test kits online at

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Rapid Connect Medical is a key distributor of reliable Coronavirus Antigen Test Kits. The FDA has approved all the testing kits, and it makes testing for the virus easier and faster. If you are looking to make a large purchase of Coronavirus antigen test kits or any other Covid-19 test kits online, Rapid Connect Medical is the best place to visit. Feel free to contact Rapid Connect Medical for your bulk test kit orders. Stay safe and continue to stay protected.

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